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Signature Programs

A Global Mindset

Through SHA's Signature Programs, students are engaged in challenging experiences that inspire intellectual curiosity, a global mindset and a life-long love of learning. The following SHA signature programs are unique to a Sacred Heart Education and add meaning and value to the robust academic program. Students in K-12 are immersed in global perspectives, critical consciousness, language facility and cultural literacy.

Sacred Heart Network

As a proud member of a worldwide Network of Sacred Heart Schools, students, faculty and administrators participate in programs rooted in the framework of a Sacred Heart education. This Network collective provides collaboration among students, educators and administrative leaders, and is guided by a shared heritage and mission. Student leadership, collaboration, peace and justice, critical thinking and problem solving; and faith and spiritual development are emphasised in Network programs. Domestic and international exchange, summer service, leadership development, online learning, shared traditions, and numerous immersive Network experiences develop a global mindset in SHA students. Sacred Heart Alumnae join a network of 50,000+ alumnae and alumni worldwide as they remain connected by their transformational Sacred Heart education.

SHA Bryn Mawr is a proud member of the International Network of Sacred Heart Schools.


Service and Social Justice: Goal III

Through the Service and Social Justice program, students are engaged in direct service, advocacy, outreach and partnerships to work for justice, peace and the integrity of creation. Students develop informed active citizenship, a global perspective, a critical consciousness and cultural literacy. A commitment to service and social justice is demonstrated in the life-long practices of SHA alumnae in volunteer opportunities for the common good and well-being of all. SHA students complete a required amount of service each year with many students going above and beyond the requisite. The SHA community serves up to 40 non-profit organizations throughout the year. Group and individual service opportunities prepare students to serve the common good in an interdependent world. The principles of social justice are integrated in all subjects and include the principles of Catholic Social Teachings. Other experiences include the student-led social justice book club, Courageous Conversations, and summer service programs through our Network. Guided by the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools and rooted in Catholic faith, SHA commits to foster a community that acts in the interests of equity and justice for each student. We strive to form a welcoming environment that recognizes and affirms the individual experience of each student. (from SHA's DEI statement)

The SHA community is working towards distinction as a "No Place for Hate" school through the Anti-Defamation League (ADL).


Community and Dialogue

Members of the school community model and teach respectful dialogue in support of clear, direct, open communication. In an increasingly complex digital world, students will develop verbal, nonverbal, written and visual communication skills through face-to-face public speaking, dialogue, and leadership. Students discover their personal style through experiences with Courageous Conversations, Mathletes, Women in Science, Women of Achievement, Model UN, and other curricular and co-curricular programs. Trained faculty facilitators guide students through introspection, authentic questioning, active listening, critical thinking, and reflection. Students have numerous opportunities to develop their communications skills through participation in First Friday Mass, Sophie Day assemblies, Prayer Services, Admissions Ambassador events, Student Leadership positions and class size that allows for dialogue.

SHA educators participate in ongoing professional development for best practices in independent education.


Courage and Confidence: Goal V

Students grow in courage and confidence as they discover new abilities, learn from mistakes, develop empathy, and exercise resilience in meeting curricular and co-curricular challenges. The supportive school culture promotes spiritual, intellectual, physical and social-emotional well-being. Wellness and balance cultivate a brave heart, independent mind and global citizen who will find their sense of purpose to make a difference in the world. Guided by the Goals and Criteria of Sacred Heart Schools and rooted in Catholic faith, SHA commits to foster a community that acts in the interests of equity and justice for each student.

SHA commits to educate to personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

Courage and Confidence

Wetlands and Wonder

Embracing the gift of our natural resource, our campus wetlands, the Wetlands and Wonder program offers students the magnificent opportunity to make real nature connections to the earth science curriculum. Through exploration in the muddy paths lined with cattails that lead to the Meadowbrook Run, students delight in exploring animal habitats, native plants and seasonal activity. Once they arrive at the creek, a tributary of Darby Creek, they wade in the water discovering endless hands-on outdoor learning filled with wonder and wetlands adventures. SHA's 3-acres of wetlands have been undergoing rehabilitation since 2017 with Darby Creek Valley Association (DCVA). The outdoor learning space includes native tree species that attract native pollinators, a Master Gardener Certified Pollinator Friendly Garden and Meadow-brook Run, a major tributary of Ithan Creek, which is an important tributary of Darby Creek. Students learn the importance of being stewards of the earth.

SHA accepts accountability for the care of God's creation and practices effective stewardship of the earth's resources.