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The technology department promotes and facilitates effective integration of technology into the mission of the school and works closely with core subject teachers in order to support a curriculum that encourages each student’s development as an academic, social and well-rounded individual.

The school is dedicated to using technology for 21st-century learning. Students discover how to use technology as a learning tool in a responsible and safe way and teachers utilize web 2.0 tools in order to assist students in becoming media literate. Technology is incorporated into the curriculum.

Sacred Heart Academy uses a portal that requires a login for students, faculty, and parents to access a variety of necessary information including, but not limited to: attendance, contact card, forms of all kinds, assignments, grades, tuition, and schedules. This password-protected accessibility will enable students and parents to view information specific to your daughter/family and improve communication and efficiency with all constituents of the school.


Lower School

The objective of the program is to learn the required skills to integrate technology into other areas of the curriculum. Instruction in the early grades focuses on becoming familiar with technology resources and learning to navigate computer programs and apps on the ipad for educational and creative exploration. As students enter grades two through four instruction shifts to using the computer as a means to gain information in a safe and responsible manner. Students also explore various websites and computer programs to enhance their studies in other curricular areas. Helping students learn to use the computer as a tool to discover, collaborate, and construct and /or present information is an important objective of the technology department. TUX PAINT, PBS KIDS, WORD, EXCEL, POWERPOINT, and NOODLE TOOLS are programs used in varying degrees by lower school students. Computer class meets one time over the six-day cycle for all Lower School students.

Middle School

Students are exposed to a variety of technology tools in order to discover their passions and achieve success across the curriculum. Technology instruction strives to reinforce student knowledge through presentation, research, problem-solving and collaboration skills. Students are introduced to software applications and technology skills that are fundamental and built upon each year. Students work on developing and practicing an understanding for Internet safety.

Fifth grade is immersed in the research process. Students learn how to access reliable resources, take careful notes and create citations. With a continued emphasis on the research process, sixth grade participates in the Dream Room project in order to determine sales tax and stay within a budget using the Excel program. Recognizing the importance of research and its role in argument, seventh grade creates newspapers through a historical framework. Eighth grade continues to practice various methods of research while working on a design program called Sketch Up and learning to draw three-dimensional houses.

Middle School Technology Tools: Microsoft Word, Power Point, Excel, Noodle Tools, Sketch Up, iMovie, Prezi and Google Docs.

Upper School

Students have access to both a PC and Mac lab. The Upper School has a "bring your own device" program. Personal PCs, Macs or iPads can be used and the school provides the Microsoft Suite Software download through the Technology Department. The school’s commitment to technology education ensures that students receive instruction through a variety of avenues. Students should refer to each teachers device policy for class. Students will need to log in to the school portal  to access a variety of necessary information including, but not limited to: announcements, assignments, grades, and schedules.