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The technology department promotes and facilitates effective integration of technology into the mission of the school and works closely with core subject teachers in order to support a curriculum that encourages each student’s development as an academic, social and well-rounded individual.

The school is dedicated to using technology for 21st-century learning.Students discover how to use technology as a learning tool in a responsible and safe way and teachers utilize web 2.0 tools in order to assist students in becoming media literate. Technology is incorporated into the curriculum.


Sacred Heart Academy uses a portal that requires a login for students, faculty, and parents to access a variety of necessary information including, but not limited to: attendance, contact card, forms of all kinds, assignments, grades, tuition, and schedules. This password-protected accessibility will enable students and parents to view information specific to your daughter/family and improve communication and efficiency with all constituents of the school.


Sophie Center

The Sophie Center is a learning environment that provides both space and resources, beyond the classroom, for active learning that includes reading, researching, innovation thinking, and collaboration. Within the Sophie Center there is the Lower School Library, The Innovation Center and the Duchesne room. 

Innovation Center

The Innovation Center is an inviting and dynamic space for STEM/STEAM activities, a place where students develop their technology skills and knowledge as a global digital citizen.  Students are taught the fundamentals of design thinking, digital literacy, and the four C’s — critical thinking, creativity, collaboration, and communication skills. 

The Innovation Center is located in the Sophie Center, offering students more opportunities to think, create, share and grow. The center is equipped with laptops, iPads, interactive whiteboards, a 3D printer, programmable robots and various makerspace items. Black and white and color printers are available.


  • computer stations
  • interactive whiteboard
  • flat screen television
  • Apple TV

Digital Tools and Literacy

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