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Prospective High School Students 

Freshman Perspective | Study Skills and Science
Monday, April 26   |   7:00 - 7:30  p.m. 

Join us virtually to gain invaluable study and organizational tips for success in high school. You will meet a passionate Sacred Heart educator and get a sneak peek of what biology is like at SHA from our engaging Biology teacher, Joanne Dougherty. Mrs. Dougherty will share what makes her class so meaningful and impactful. Through note-taking, effective and efficient study strategies, and the fun use of social media, Mrs. Dougherty will show you why students say her classes fly by. You will want to make space at 7 p.m. on Monday, April 26 for this worthwhile event!

This is not an open house event.

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About Joanne Dougherty

Joanne Dougherty has a BA in Biology and Environmental Sciences from the University of Pennsylvania. Her thesis focused on the ecology of sea anemones in tide pools in Acadia National Park in Maine. After working on a conservation project for a marine preserve in Puerto Rico, she earned a Master of Science from Villanova University. Her master’s thesis focused on the symbiotic relationship between the tiny coquina clam commonly found on the sandy beaches of New Jersey and the hydroid that lives on the clam’s shell. After Villanova she worked as a research technician on a sea urchin aquaculture project. Although her first love is evolution and the ecology of marine invertebrates, she has become passionate about molecular biology. Through her course, students develop a conceptual understanding of the molecular basis of cells, photosynthesis, cellular respiration, cell division, and genetics, laying the foundation for future coursework. Students in her classes are engaged in their own learning, work cooperatively with their peers, learn to craft scientific explanations for natural phenomena and further refine their study skills. 

Mrs. Dougherty has been part of the Sacred Heart community since 2004.

She enthusiastically teaches biology to ninth graders and Advanced Placement Biology to seniors. She is the moderator of the "Girls in Medicine" club.

Due to the global pandemic, Joanne has modified her 9th Grade Biology curriculum to dive deep into the science of COVID-19 and the vaccines with her students. She is helping SHA's 9th grade students to understand and become informed about the science involved in creating a vaccine. Joanne is using models and case studies in her curriculum. She has spent time teaching the students through comparisons of the COVID-19 vaccine development and the mumps vaccine, which was the shortest vaccine to be developed before the COVID-19 vaccine.

Food Lab - Scientific Principles and Edible Masterpieces  

Summer Camp
Monday, July 26 - July 30  |   1:00 p.m. - 4:00 pm 

The science of great cooking and better baking!

Roll up your sleeves and don your apron as you take on the role of both scientist and chef. You will investigate the scientific principles behind the techniques to create edible masterpieces. Explore maceration, the Maillard reaction, coagulation, emulsification, caramelization, and gelatinization. Chemistry never tasted so sweet!

Rising 7th - 12th grade girls. Limited chef space so sign-up today! Open to current and non-SHA students. Bring a friend!

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