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Thank you for your interest in Sacred Heart Academy!

We are pleased to share a quick look at our educational program for girls. 

Sacred Heart Academy is an independent, Catholic school for girls Kindergarten through Grade 12. You may be excited to learn that our Bryn Mawr campus is a part of something much larger. As a proud member of the International Sacred Heart Network of Schools, we are dedicated to the Goals and Criteria that uniquely define all aspects of our program of excellence. We are fortunate to be part of a culture which exists in more than 150 Sacred Heart schools on six continents.

We look forward to talking to you in more detail as you explore the right educational environment for your daughter.


Brave Hearts. Bold Learning. Meaningful Connections.

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A sampling of where our most recent graduates are continuing their academic careers:


Every teacher I hear interacting with my girls is consistently asking how they are and what’s going on. I appreciate this care and concern.

Upper School Parent
Distance Learning

Mathletes was a great outlet for competition and a great space to learn new math skills.”

Mrs. Brennan’s hard work and dedication to her students brought the team their best season yet.

M. Burrichter '20

SHA Middle School allows girls to be comfortable just being themselves.

K. Trinacria
Director of Middle School