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Admissions Process


Sacred Heart Academy welcomes applications from girls of any national or ethnic origin, race, creed or color. Please see the different stages of the admissions process described below. Feel free to reach out to the admissions office at any point in your school search. 

Brave hearts. Bold learning. Meaningful connections.

Application for the Class of 2025

Applications are still being accepted. Please contact the Admissions office if you have missed the deadline and would like to begin the process. Interested in transferring? Please contact admissions.

Middle School
Girls Develop Their Confidence

Girls in middle school have opportunities to work independently and in small groups enabling them to develop their independence and confidence. STEM/STEAM activities are an important part of the middle school curriculum.

Class of 2020
Well Prepared for College

The Class of 2020 earned over $7.5 million in scholarships. We are very proud of our 38 graduates!

We Celebrate Girls

We know girls. We celebrate the power of an all-girl environment in which each girl is valued and encouraged to become her best self.

Real Learning

Lower School students work in small groups across K-4 grade levels on STEM and STEAM projects in the Innovation Center. The opportunities for hands-on learning happens every day at SHA.

Students As Athletes

Nineteen seniors were honored this spring for their four-year commitment to the athletics program during their time in high school at SHA.  One senior received a D1 scholarship for crew and another senior has chosen to play soccer at the college level. Several seniors will continue at the club level.

Lower School
Respect for Intellectual Values

Sacred Heart Education for girls promotes a deep respect for intellectual values beginning with our youngest students. Girls are encouraged to take risks, become critical thinkers and challenge themselves to be active participants in their education.

Integrated Humanities
Small by Design

Small class size and the engaging student: teacher ratio allows for active classroom dialogue and deep learning. The integrated humanities program extends beyond the classroom with meaningful field trips related to the curriculum. Students will complete their high school time at SHA as strong writers and fully prepared for college-level research papers.

The Building of Community

Middle School Students are encouraged to work with their peers on important life skills such as active listening and public speaking. Adolescent girls are encouraged to find their voice and respect others in the safe space that makes SHA's Middle School so special. This further develops in the upper school with the Courageous Conversations program.