Fast Facts

What is the Sacred Heart Network of Schools?

A. The Sacred Heart Network is an organization of 24 independent schools located throughout the United States and Canada that share a common heritage and vision of education based on the educational philosophy of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat. There are over 140 Sacred Heart schools around the world providing an international campus for our students through exchange programs, summer conferences and workshops and learning opportunities with online network classes.

What are the five goals of a Sacred Heart education?

A. Schools of the Sacred Heart commit themselves to educate to:

Goal One: a personal and active faith in God;

Goal Two: a deep respect for intellectual values;

Goal Three: a social awareness which impels to action;

Goal Four: the building of community as a Christian value; and

Goal Five: a personal growth in an atmosphere of wise freedom.

What grades does Sacred Heart Academy offer?

A. Sacred Heart offers from kindergarten to grade twelve and is divided into three divisions: Lower (K-4), Middle (5-8) and Upper (9-12).

When is the best time to apply to Sacred Heart Academy?

A. Generally the admission process begins one year prior to entry. However, applications may be sent on a rolling basis.

•November 15: Grade 9
•February 17: Grade 6
•March 31: Kindergarten
• All other grade levels, contact Admissions for timeline

When are applicants notified of acceptance to Sacred Heart Academy?

A. Ninth grade acceptance letters are mailed by mid-December. Kindergarten through Grade 8 notification is approximately two weeks after the stated deadlines. Other grade acceptances are sent approximately one week after completion of the application process.

Does Sacred Heart Academy offer financial aid?

A. Yes. Sacred Heart offers financial aid on a yearly basis according to demonstrated financial need. Parents apply through School and Student Services which is available online at In addition, Sacred Heart requires a copy of the parents’ 1040 and W-2 tax forms to complete a financial aid request.

Does Sacred Heart Academy offer scholarships?

A. Yes. Sacred Heart awards merit scholarships to entering Grade 9 students based on academic achievement in the classroom, entrance exam results, and two teacher recommendations. Art scholarships are also available based on a student’s portfolio. Music scholarships are determined by a student’s audition in early January.

Merit scholarships are also available to students entering Grade 6.

Does Sacred Heart Academy award athletic scholarships?

A. No. However, students who are athletically gifted and demonstrate financial need may apply for financial aid.

What sports are offered at Sacred Heart Academy?

A. Upper School sports include field hockey, volleyball, tennis, golf, basketball, crew, softball, swimming, lacrosse, cross-country, and track. Middle School competes in field hockey, basketball, tennis and lacrosse. There is a crew club for middle school students. Sacred Heart is a member of the PIAA, the Athletic Association of Catholic Academies (Upper School) and the Catholic Girls Athletic League (Middle School).

What percentage of graduates attend four-year colleges?

A. 100% of Sacred Heart’s graduates matriculate at four-year colleges and universities. The graduates of the Class of 2016 received in excess of $6.5 million in scholarship awards.

In addtion to Academic Scholarships, students from Sacred Heart earn athletic, leadership and service scholarships annually.

Does Sacred Heart Academy provide transportation?

A. Students living in public school districts, within a 10 mile radius from Sacred Heart, will be provided district busing. For students taking the train, SEPTA bus or P&W, a complimentary school shuttle service is available from the Bryn Mawr train stations, each morning and afternoon.