The Voices of a Sacred Heart Education

"I find good character singing out through the halls of these buildings. I find love, I find support, and I find acceptance. I hold onto these values, and I carry them with me everyday, knowing where they are rooted."

"We appreciate SHA because our daughter spends her day surrounded by women of achievement."
Current Lower School Parent

"The difference in the SHA education is the teaching of the student as an individual as well as what impact they have on the community and their ability to make a real difference in the world. They are educating young ladies to be leaders."
Current Middle and Lower School Parent

Dr. Colleen Dempsey '07
Speaking at the Upper School
National Honor Society

"Sacred Heart taught me not just to ask "why?" but more importantly, "why not?" I flourished because of a diverse support system of peers and athletes, teachers and artists, parents and poets."
M.W. '17, Georgetown University

"Through the good and the bad, Sacred Heart has provided a nurturing environment and a second home for me. I have gained the confidence to go out and take the world by storm!"
S.T. '12, Brown University

Sacred Heart provided me with an environment that not only challenged me to constantly strive for success, but welcomed me into a family. Here, I was able to grow both academically and spiritually.”
M.B. '11, University Of Notre Dame

“At Sacred Heart, I’ve learned a lot about myself. I have met many different people and learned that everyone has a story. I am truly ready to go out into the real world and give it all I’ve got!”
T.P. '11, University of Virginia

“At Sacred Heart I formed a unique identity, one that I will carry with me when I enter into the world at large. I think my education here allowed me to become more in life, with the confidence to pursue whatever I want to pursue.”
K.S. '11, Harvard University

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