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Practice High School Placement Test (Pre-HSPT)

Saturday, May 4
Arrive between 8:30 a.m. and 8:45 a.m.

The Practice-HSPT is offered at Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr in order to give all grade 7 students an opportunity to participate in a practice scholarship test prior to taking the HSPT in the Fall of grade 8. In order to help students achieve the most valid results, Sacred Heart administers this test in the late Spring when students have had the benefit of completing the vast majority of the grade 7 curriculum.

Benefits of taking a practice test include:

  • Students become familiar with the structure of the 5 sections of the test.
  • Students become familiar with the types of questions that are asked.Students can begin to see patterns in the types of multiple-choice answers offered and the typical language used.
  • Students become familiar with the timing of the 5 sections on the test thereby helping the students to plan an efficient approach to taking the test in the Fall of grade 8.
  • Students will receive their scores prior to the summer so that they can use the summer months for guided practice in order to improve scores and perhaps qualify for scholarship awards in the fall.


Contact the office of admissions regarding entrance exams, shadow days or private tours:

Tammy Hart
610-527-3915 ext. 214

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