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Tuition & Affordability

Thank you for considering Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr (SHA). Choosing an independent school education takes careful financial planning for most families. At SHA, we are committed to offering an education that is not only faithful to the Five Goals of a Sacred Heart education, but is also accessible to families across a wide range of economic means.

Priority Enrollment:

For interested families, we offer a priority enrollment deadline of Sunday, December 1, 2024. Completed K-8 student applications received by December 1 will receive decision notification by Friday, December 13. Priority enrollment consideration will also be given to siblings and daughters of alumna at this time. 

Effective January 1, 2024, a rolling admissions process will begin and K-8 application profiles will be reviewed upon completion on a space-available basis.

Our K-2 Tuition Guarantee

A nurturing and personalized Lower School education is now more accessible than ever.

Start Extraordinary: The Lower School Experience at Sacred Heart Academy

All kindergarten through second-grade students who enroll for the 2024-2025 school year will be guaranteed an annual tuition rate of $8500 (down from $13,650), which is locked in for two years of enrollment. This includes our Extended Hearts Program (before and after school care).

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Tuition and Value

Financial Aid Program

SHA is committed to making our exceptional
education accessible to families.

We are pleased to be working with Clarity,
a new user-friendly financial aid platform. 


Payment Plans

Sacred Heart Academy offers three Payment Plans through the SMART Tuition program:

  1. Pay in full by July 1 ($20 SMART Tuition Fee)
  2. Pay in two installments, due July 1 and December 1 ($41 SMART Tuition Fee)
  3. 10 payments from July – April ($41 SMART Tuition Fee)

Smart Tuition FAQs

Families choosing Payment Plan 2 and 3 are required to enroll in the Tuition Refund Plan (TRP), administered by DEWAR. The cost for this plan is 1.4% of the annual tuition.  (The cost for this insurance is added to the SMART Tuition plan.) Please note that your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition, as stated in the school’s enrollment contract. The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations if your child withdraws during the academic year.

Dewar Plan FAQs

Congratulations to Our Class of 2023!