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Investing in Your Child’s Future

Thank you for considering a Sacred Heart Academy education for your family. Choosing an independent school education takes careful financial planning for most families. At Sacred Heart Academy we are committed to offering an education that is not only faithful to the Five Goals of a Sacred Heart education, but is also accessible to families across a wide range of economic circumstances.

Our Affordable Tuition Plan determines your family’s tuition rate based upon your individual needs. Families who might not expect to be eligible for financial aid still may qualify for a modest tuition discount as a result of our Affordable Tuition Plan. For that reason we encourage participation.

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Affordable Tuition Plan

The Affordable Tuition Plan supports Sacred Heart Academy's commitment to making our exceptional education accessible to families across a wide range of economic circumstances. We are committed to a diverse school community as a Sacred Heart school.

Tuition levels will be determined in partnership with SSS by NAIS, a trusted third-party financial evaluator. The levels are based on an individual family’s economic profile.

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2021-22 Schedule

Kindergarten $13,260 $250
Grades 1-4 $15,165 $350
Grades 5-8 $17,715 $550
Grades 9-12 $21,960 $800

Activity Fees reflect the cost of field trips, technology usage, school yearbook, and selected co-curricular and arts activities. 


Over the course of thirteen years, Sacred Heart Academy played a foundational role in our daughter’s academic, personal and spiritual development. She is who she is today – a confident, curious, caring,  young adult – in large part because of the teachers, administrators, support staff and other students with whom she interacted during her time at SHA.

- SHA Parent


In line with our mission and commitment to equity and access,
more than 35% of our current families
receive an affordable tuition grant 
ranging from $1,000 to $11,000.



Payment Plans

Sacred Heart Academy offers three payment plans through the SMART Tuition program:

  1. Pay in full by July 1 ($20 SMART Tuition Fee)
  2. Pay in two installments, due July 1 and December 1 ($41 SMART Tuition Fee)
  3. 10 payments from July – April ($41 SMART Tuition Fee)

Smart Tuition FAQs

Tuition Refund Plan

Families choosing payment plan 2 and 3 are required to enroll in the Tuition Refund Plan.  The cost for this plan is 1.4% of the annual tuition.  The cost for this insurance is added to the SMART Tuition plan. 


Why do you need a tuition refund plan?

Your financial obligation to the school is for the full annual tuition as stated in the school’s enrollment contract. The school cannot refund tuition or cancel unpaid obligations if your child withdraws during the academic year.

Dewar Plan FAQs


Students Travel to SHA Bryn Mawr from 55+ Zip Codes




Sacred Heart Academy students come from more than 55 zip codes in the suburban Philadelphia area, from various race, religions and economic backgrounds. Our girls share a wide range of interests and talents. A Sacred Heart student is eager to learn and enjoys participating fully in school life. Students are accepting of one another and understand the importance of giving back. They strive to be leaders who have a positive impact on their school and community. At Sacred Heart Academy, your daughter will not only find her voice, but she will be assured that her voice will be heard. 


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