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COVID Update

 Fall Guidelines (TBA)
Athletic Guidelines for COVID-19

Please click here for the general spectator guidelines. SHA will adhere to the guidelines issued by the PA Department of Health.

The Athletic program at Sacred Heart Academy plays an important role in the total educational development of the student.

The program helps students realize the full range of their talents and abilities. The school’s interscholastic athletic program strives to develop confidence, camaraderie, enthusiasm, leadership, and discipline within the student athlete. Most of all, the sports program teaches the students to enjoy their peers as well as their adult mentors, such as their coaches.

Experiencing pleasant interscholastic experiences, students will gain a positive attitude in life, which will enhance their studies and relationships with people, now and in the future. The competitiveness in sports makes the students very well prepared for the trials and tribulations that they may face in life. Our student-athletes advance to a very successful academic career in college due to their interscholastic experiences.


Athletic Association of Catholic Academies (AACA) league which consists of eight private girls schools.
Pennsylvania Interscholastic Athletic Association (PIAA) which is a state governing board.

This allows us to participate in district and state championships where many of our teams have competed and attained championships.

Whether cheering from the sidelines or engaging in physical play, Sacred Heart team players regularly enjoy postseason success at the District and State levels.

Fitness Room

In addition to our athletic facilities we also have a fitness room consisting of free weights, stability balls, aerobic and anaerobic machines on campus which many of our student athletes and non-athletes use for training and exercise regimens. The fitness room is a great place for our athletes to warm-up for their particular sport and to prepare them to come back from injuries that they may have sustained.

Almost 80% of girls play a varsity sport and a large percent of our valedictorians are our student-athletes.

Injury protocol

When a player is injured during a practice or home game and the injury requires follow up, a note will be sent home OR an email will be sent to the parents. The note will outline any instructions necessary for home. It is expected that the students follow up with the trainer everyday until released by the trainer. In the case of an emergency, every effort will be made to contact a parent by text/phone in addition to EMS as needed.

If a student sees a doctor for an injury and is removed from participation, a note from the doctor outlining restrictions AND when she may return to play is MANDATORY. When the doctor removes a player, the trainer can not allow an athlete to resume playing without permission. No note = no play.



Concussion Protocol

All Upper and Middle School students regardless of athletic status are IMPACT baseline assessed at the beginning of every other school year. We offer this service for free and will do follow up testing as needed if a concussion is sustained for any reason.

In keeping with Pennsylvania law, anyone who exhibits any signs of concussion will be removed from play. The athlete will be evaluated by the athletic trainer, who has been designated by the team physician, for potential return to play. The athletic trainer will determine if physician follow up is needed and will refer accordingly. Many times concussion symptoms can take over 48 hours to develop. Though an athlete may seem fine initially, without proper rest, more severe symptoms may appear. Students removed from play will most likely be given a return to play protocol to follow before resuming interscholastic competition. This can take anywhere from 5-10 days. Some physicians will designate a specific protocol to be followed. In addition, accommodations to the academic program will be made as needed by the teachers and administration.

Pre-participation Physicals

All athletes are required to complete a PIAA pre-participation packet, including a medical clearance form to be signed by a physician or nurse practitioner. This packet must be completed every year no earlier than May 31st. Forms are available here. Only pages 1-6 are needed. Subsequent sport seasons in the same school year require section 7 to be completed by the parents and turned in. All forms are now due on or before the first day of tryouts - no exceptions. Anyone without a complete packet will be required to sit and watch until the full packet is received.



Athletics Contact

Mrs. Cindy Shay
Athletic Director
610-527-3915 x 221

Miss Ashley Dilullo
Athletic Trainer
610-527-3915 x 221