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Clubs & Activities

One of the benefits of an all-girls school is that our girls hold every leadership role and participate in the decision making of what clubs are offered each semester.

Beyond the classroom, there are many ways a student can celebrate her multitude of gifts and talents and explore and develop interests. Sacred Heart students enhance their education by participating in clubs, organizations, performing arts and athletics. Academics are one aspect of a vigorous education and when combined with social, emotional and spiritual opportunities, a well- grounded education is cultivated. Programs and activities create personal development and interests along with peer interaction and friendships beyond the classroom and build a strong and spirited school community.

Students have the opportunity to participate in a variety of optional school clubs and activities, beginning in the Lower School. Options expand as students move up through Middle and Upper School. One of the benefits of an all-girls school is girls hold every leadership role and participate in the decision making of what clubs are offered each semester. These fun outlets support students through academic challenges and provide balance and support in a holistic approach to education. The enthusiasm students share during activity planning and events is vital to the spirit of each individual and basic to the school community as a whole.

Some of the clubs that maybe offered:

Upper School Clubs

Art & Design
Committee of Games
CSC (Community Service Corps)
Girls in Science
Literary Magazine - Chez Nous
Mathletes (Varsity & JV)
MESH (Mission Effectiveness at SH)
Model UN
Multicultural Club
Newspaper - The Beat
Self Defense
Speak Up!
Student Council
Yearbook - The Gate

Middle School Clubs

Middle School Clubs meet every Tuesday and run for one semester with the exception of Study Hall which is offered both semesters. Parents and teachers submit descriptions of the Club they would like to offer for the semester. Students submit their first three choices and are assigned to a Club by the Middle School Director. 8th grade students receive preference followed by the seventh, sixth and fifth grade students.

Some of our favorites have been:

Creative Writing 
Needle Point 
Playing Card 

Lower School Clubs

Club participation is optional and offered to students in K - Grade 4 during the year after school. Students learn in a social environment to develop skills and interests beyond the academic classroom. Students are enriched in fun age appropriate activities. Not all clubs listed are for every grade. Information is sent home with sign up forms and fees for each club to the grades it is offered. The list of offerings is subject to change. The school welcomes suggestions for offerings based on student interests.

Chess Club
Creative Arts & Crafts Club
Creative Hearts Performing Club
Field Hockey
Girls Scouts Club
Science Explorers
Irish Dance