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Student Leadership

Student Leadership

Student committees offer opportunities for students to exercise and further develop their leadership skills, calling upon them to exercise self-motivation, preparedness, hard work and the ability to inspire others. As members of Student Council, MESH, Community Service Corps, Committee of Games, Junior and National Honor Society, students coordinate important school activities and serve as liaisons between the student body and the school administration. Students of all ages and grades are exposed to leadership roles and opportunities to participate and develop their own leadership qualities.

Student Council
Middle and Upper School

Students promote scholarship, fellowship, harmony and participation in the life of the school community. Members of the Student Council work towards helping the Upper School community function in an orderly, positive and effective manner.

The Executive Council of the Student Council, elected each spring by the students and faculty, serves as the governing body for the students. In order to be a member of the Executive Council, one must possess the following qualifications: leadership, scholarship, character and service. All students make up the legislative body and have class representatives to Student Council.

Election to Student Council is an honor, an opportunity to learn and practice the functions of democratic leadership, and a way to understand carrying out responsibility. Student Council representatives are the voices of each class. Class members may discuss their ideas and concerns with their elected representatives who should present the concerns to the Executive Council.

The most visible aspect of the Student Council is their involvement and dedication to planning, promoting and accomplishing activities and events for the student body. These may include assemblies for the entire school to enhance our sense of community, social events for the Middle and Upper School to strengthen their bond, work programs, "just for fun" events for the Upper School, and fundraisers to provide the money for these activities.

Committee of Games

C of G is a school-wide organization consisting of the students, faculty and staff, which is run by an Executive Committee. The Executive Committee is made up of Red and White Team Captains and 1 Red and 1 White Team Representative from each grade.

The traditional Red and White Picnic kicks off each year with an evening of fun, food and cheers. All new members of the Sacred Heart family chose their teams and begin a yearlong competition of academic, athletic and spiritual events which culminate with Field Day.

Field Day is held in May and includes individual, dual and team events of varying point values. The day is concluded with Red and White Team songs and formations, an awards presentation and the announcement of the winning team.

Red and white teams at Sacred Heart Academy