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Welcome to the SHA Parent Community

Each child is that one important and unique child at Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr. We are concerned not just with her academic excellence, but with how she experiences education, how she views herself, the friendships she makes, and of course what she brings to the world.

Families are encouraged to share in the Sacred Heart Academy experience with their daughter. The school welcomes your involvement and participation in the school’s activities. Through the Mothers' and Fathers' Associations, you will find that your involvement will be an enjoyable and personally rewarding experience and will enrich your daughter's Sacred Heart experience.

Mothers' Association Mission Statement

The Mothers’ Association seeks to foster a spirit of goodwill within the school community and assist Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr in financial support and opportunity to the faculty and students. The MA would like to continue to deliver high quality school events and maintain a nurturing sense of community. Please join us at the meetings to see how you can make a difference in your daughter's school. Many things can be done from home.

Fathers' Association Mission Statement

The Fathers' Association at Sacred Heart Academy is dedicated to the accomplishment of three goals:

1. Service and support to Sacred Heart
2. Activities for fathers and daughters to enjoy together at Sacred Heart
3. Opportunities to bond with other fathers and work together to make Sacred Heart a more enjoyable experience for all

Recent SHA News

MA and FA Event Volunteers

If you are interested in being a part of these important events, please reach out to Nicole Dawson P’31, Chris Corcoran P’16,’21,’24 or Vic D’Ascenzo, Director of  Advancement. 

Upcoming Events

Parent Survey

Share your feedback regarding future virtual opportunities for our parent community!

The survey is still open so let us know your thoughts.