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Signature Programs

Exclusively at SHA

SHA Signature Programs further distinguish a Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr (SHA) education. Students grow intellectually and social emotionally from these one-of-a-kind programs. 

Sacred Heart Network Exchange Program

SHA Upper School students have the opportunity to travel abroad to another Network school to explore the culture and everyday life of a student their age. This immersive, international experience enriches students' lives and prepares them for our global world. A Domestic Exchange Program is also available to Upper School and Grade 8 students. 

Villanova University Dual-Enrollment Program

At SHA, seniors in high academic standing have the opportunity to enroll in classes, for full credit, at Villanova University - a testament to the college-readiness and inquisitive nature of our Grade 12 students. 

SHA Dialogue

Beginning in Kindergarten and through Grade 12, curricula includes the advancement of public speaking and interpersonal communication skills - essential in leadership development. Students fine-tune the craft through a wide range of opportunities. 

Wise Freedom

Connected with Goal 5 of a Sacred Heart Education, SHA Upper School students are trusted to structure their free time sensibly; this time is not proctored. With Wise Freedom, students often collaborate on group projects, meet with faculty, work on homework, complete a lab, practice for upcoming performance, or simply have time to themselves. Members of the National Honor Society also provide tutoring. Wise Freedom establishes a trust among students and faculty and prepares students for college life.