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SHA Dialogue

Empowering Students to Find Their Voice

You'll hear a lot of talking at Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr (SHA). That's because SHA Dialogue happens every day, in every classroom, and every space. Students are encouraged to speak their minds and ask critical questions in a courteous manner, while being respectful of differing opinions. This is where true learning happens.

SHA's small class size, in all divisions, allows for dialogue while not detracting from the lessons being taught. Trained faculty guide students through drills focused on introspection, authentic questioning, active listening, critical thinking, and reflection drills and role playing. Faculty also model respectful dialogue in support of clear, direct, open communication.

Students discover their personal dialogue style through specific experiences including Courageous Conversations, Mathletes Challenge, Women in Science, Women of Achievement, Model United Nations, and other curricular and co-curricular programs. Participation in First Friday Mass, Sophie Day assemblies, Prayer Services, Admissions Ambassador events, and Student Leadership positions further bolster public speaking skills, and empower students to become more confident in leading groups with their voice and spirit. Middle School students also participate in dialogue through the SpeakUp! program, empowering youth to make positive life choices. 

In a world where texting and e-communication often replace face-to-face discourse, SHA Dialogue enhances students' public speaking and interpersonal communications - key skills for success in one's professional and personal life.