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Building Lifelong Memories

Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr (SHA) has numerous traditions that build character, foster a strong sense of community, and create lifelong memories. 

Big and Little Sisters programs exist in the Middle School for Grades 5 and 8, and in the Upper School for Grades 9 and 11. Special events including the Big Sister-Little Sister Picnic, held in August, help to acclimate students in transition years and build bonds between grade levels. 

Congé, meaning "holiday" in French, is a beloved - and much anticipated - annual tradition where students are surprised with an all-day celebration, filled with spectacular fun and games! 

Ring Mass and Ceremony is the much loved tradition of juniors receiving the Sacred Heart class rings. The green stones, embossed with the impression of the Sacred Heart of Jesus, are classic reminders of the students' time at SHA.  Sacred Heart School alumnae proudly wear the same ring, uniting alumnae worldwide. 

Kairos, Greek for "a time with God", is SHA's most moving religious retreat for SHA seniors, and is also observed by and also practiced by Sacred Heart Network Schools and Catholic students worldwide. Kairos centers on knowing oneself, discovering Jesus in a personal way, and living the message of Christ. At SHA, Kairos takes place in the winter at an off-site location for several days. Students return to class with renewed faith and purpose. 

Primes, (pronounced Preemes), is a weekly Lower School ceremony where overall academic achievement is awarded with Honor Cards: Très Bien for outstanding, and Bien for good to very good. Courtesy Medals, in honor of St. Madeleine Sophie Barat, are also given to two students who have demonstrated exemplary behavior and courtesy. 

Red & White Teams, Field Day, and Spirit Week - the three go hand-in-hand. Red & White teams earn points throughout the year for participation at athletic, service, and extracurricular activities, under the direction of the Committee of Games, an elected student board. Teams also compete during Spirit Week and face off at the annual Field Day. SHA alumnae remain faithful to their Red and White teams for life!

SHA Families are comprised of students in all divisions, faculty, and staff. The fourteen families - each named after another Sacred Heart School - come together in community for special events and social gatherings.

Heartcoming is an annual fall event that unites alumnae of all generations on campus for a fun-filled day and celebratory evening. 

Espacio, meaning "space" in Spanish,  is a sacred time each day that allows the SHA community to pause, focus their energy inward, and nurture our sensitivity to the Spirit dwelling within.

Goûter, meaning "light snack" in French, is often enjoyed at SHA celebrations, typically in the form of sweet treats.