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The SHA Experience

Established in 1865, Sacred Heart Academy Bryn Mawr (SHA) is a Catholic, independent, all-girls, K-12 school on the Main Line in suburban Philadelphia. Our beautiful campus on the hill is home to a vibrant community of thoughtful scholars and staff, an historic mansion abuzz with activity, wetlands abundant with wildlife, and classrooms full of joy. 

SHA is small by design, allowing students to develop their full potential academically, socially, and spiritually in an exceptionally caring environment. We're also part of something larger: the International Sacred Heart Schools comprised of 150+ schools in 41 countries. Within this consortium is the Network of Sacred Heart Schools composed of 25 schools in the United States and Canada. The groups connect SHA students in an international community and offer distinguished exchange, service, and academic  programs that further prepare students for an increasingly global world, an appreciation for differences, and a compassion for all. 

At SHA, we are faithful to our long-established Mission - embodied in the Goals and Criteria of the Sacred Heart North American Network - which focuses on developing confident girls and young women, providing a challenging and inspiring education, deepening a love of God, and fostering a call to serve others.

We take a holistic approach to learning with an integrated curriculum, and by responding to the unique needs of each and every student. The curriculum, grounded in liberal arts,  is taught in a contemporary manner. Students develop their full potential as scholars and leaders.

Our vigorous Social Awareness & Action program provides continual opportunities to live our Catholic values to serve others before self. 

SHA has a proud tradition of ecumenism, welcoming students, faculty, and parents of all faiths. Through our religious education program and civic-minded clubs and fellowship, SHA fosters an open-mindedness and reverence for differences.


Integrated Curriculum & Signature Programs

Sacred Heart Academy’s curriculum is based on a rigorous college preparatory program. Its Integrated Humanities approach offers an intentional plan of studies that presents the literature, history, music, and art history of a period concurrently. This curriculum is based on an understanding that students learn best when they are engaged with the subject matter and can make meaningful connections. 

Learn more about SHA Academics as well as our Signature Programs, which distinguish us from other schools. 

Rooted in History, Poised for the Future

Let us never lose sight of Jesus, bearing in mind that God is all and the things of earth are nothing except through God's power." 

Saint Madeleine Sophie Barat, Foundress